7 Great Websites to Find Statistics in Pakistan

When it comes to finding statistics for research or analysis, having reliable sources is crucial. In this post, we will look at 7 great websites that provide statistical data for Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics: The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is the official agency responsible for compiling and publishing statistical information in Pakistan. Their website provides a wealth of data on various topics including the economy, population, agriculture, health, education, and more. The data is regularly updated and is considered reliable [1].
  2. World Bank Open Data: The World Bank Open Data website provides access to a vast collection of development indicators and data from various sources, including the World Bank itself. The data covers a wide range of topics related to Pakistan’s development, including poverty, education, health, and the economy [2].
  3. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): The UNDP provides data on various development indicators for Pakistan, such as health, education, poverty, gender equality, and human development index. The website allows for easy access to data with the option to download it in different formats [3].
  4. Pakistan Economic Survey: The Pakistan Economic Survey is an annual report published by the Ministry of Finance, providing an overview of Pakistan’s economic performance and policy recommendations. The survey includes comprehensive data on different sectors of the economy, including agriculture, industry, services, and social sectors [1].
  5. Trading Economics: Trading Economics is an online platform that provides economic data, forecasts, and news for various countries, including Pakistan. The website offers data on different topics, including macroeconomic indicators, demographics, and financial markets [4].
  6. State Bank of Pakistan: The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank of Pakistan, responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policy in the country. Their website provides data on various aspects of the economy, including inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and foreign reserves [5].
  7. Data.gov.pk: Data.gov.pk is a website that provides open data for Pakistan, allowing users to access and use data in different formats. The website covers various topics, including education, health, agriculture, and the economy. The data is provided by different government agencies, and the website is regularly updated [6].

In conclusion, these 7 websites are excellent sources of statistical data for Pakistan. Researchers, policymakers, and analysts can use the information available on these websites for various purposes, including monitoring economic and social indicators, developing policies, and making informed decisions. It is essential to note that while the data on these websites is considered reliable, users should exercise caution and ensure that the data is appropriate for their specific needs.

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